Amazon Easy Store+ GB+ Amazon Easy Store Franchise Registration, Investment Cost, Profit & Commission

There is quite a lot of noise in the market about “The Amazon easy store franchise”. Amazon is a popular e-commerce platform with a huge customer base worldwide. 

This online marketplace was introduced by Jeff Bezos in the year 1995 with its base in the USA. Now, this massive giant has got its office worldwide. It is time-saving and highly handy to get your favorite delivered to your footstep from this business. 

The new initiative- Amazon easy store just launched recently. 

Amazon Easy Store Franchise: Understanding this Model

This is basically introduced to assist the customers. These stores will be equipped with brand demonstration products and delivery services. It offers benefits to both customers and retailers. 

Advantages to customers 

  • Accessibility to numerous quality products.
  • Unmatched policies for returning items
  • Excellent quality rates
  • Unmatched client service

Advantages to shop owners/ retailer

  • A retailer gets access to more than 15 crore products.
  • The retailer does not have to purchase the inventory. They can manage their business without burrowing or loans.
  • The shop owners can sell multiple items. They will not be limited to a single product without worrying about quality and delivery. 
  • They can run their business along with other businesses like an existing shop.
  • They can also run parallel businesses like affiliate programs along with Amazon Easy Store Franchise. For example, they can share their affiliate code with the existing or new user base of Amazon. They can earn good commissions and incentives. Hence, the shop owners can benefit from both businesses.
  • Flexibility to run Amazon easy store franchise with existing business

Amazon Easy Store Franchise: Registration

You can register for Amazon Easy Store Franchise if you are from the following locations:-

  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Gujarat
  • Punjab
  • Telangana
  • West Bengal
  • Maharashtra
  • Karnataka
  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Tamil Nadu

Register with Amazon network partners

Get in touch with Amazon network partners. Make sure to get proper training from them. Register with them with the essential documents. Wait for them for verification. Ensure to read all the terms mentioned in your contract paper and sign it.

Register with Amazon directly

You can also register on the official site of Amazon India. Click the button “Register Now” to fill out the registration form. 

Share the details regarding your work experience and share the details of your current business under the field “Current business name”. 

You have to answer how you get to know about them. You will come across the question “Who will Run Amazon Easy Store if you run it”, Answer it.

Choose the answers from the 5 given options about the times you have shopped online. Give the location and enter your pin code. 

You also must give your complete communication address. Mention the nearest landmark.  Answer whether you own any other business in “Yes” or “No”.

Next, you will be asked whether you have the commercial space to run Amazon Easy Store Franchise. Lastly, you have to give your reasons why you want to run this business. 

Click “Next” and submit your application.  Within 2-3 business days, you will get calls from the authorized person. 

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Amazon Easy Store Franchise: Investment Cost

As said earlier, you can run your Amazon Easy Store Franchise with your existing business. Moreover, you do not have to invest any capital for inventory. You can simply start your franchise after verification. 

Amazon Easy Store Franchise: Profit & Commission

You can get profits and commissions on product sales, new customers, etc. There are huge perks to starting an Amazon Easy Store Franchise business in India. 

Amazon Easy Store Franchise: Terms that you need to follow 

  • You should be 18+
  • The applicant must have 12 passes.
  • You need to excel in the tasks of marketing.
  • You must be knowledgeable in order to operate the computers.
  • Have internet access to place the order 
  • Minimum space of 200 square feet.

Amazon Easy Store Franchise: Documents required

  • Your bank account statement
  • Store’s document for verification
  • Lease agreement
  • GSTN no.
  • PAN card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Voter ID

Amazon Easy Store Franchise: Your Role

You will be the mediator between the brand and consumers. Hence, you need to:-

  • Trust factor

The people who are living in rural India have got issues trusting an outsider. You, being the franchise, need to attain the trust of the shoppers. Through your shop, you should be marketing. For this, you need to use all the promotional materials shared by Amazon. Talk to them about the latest deals and offers. 

  • Language barrier

We all are well aware of the wide user demographic of India. We have over 720 dialects. As per the stats, only 22 languages are recognized officially, and 122 are unofficial. 

You being the franchise will break that barrier for Amazon. 

  • Lack of internet access

There are still many Indian villages that do not have access to internet connectivity. 


You have to be the voice for Amazon and share the services of Amazon with such people. Place the orders from Amazon for people in your area and earn good commissions & incentives.

  • Digital payments

Still, people fear making digital payments in India, especially the people who live in rural areas. 

Let’s check some of the reasons why people do not make digital payments:-


You need to help such people by availing of the services of Amazon. 

Amazon Easy Store Franchise: Why should you get in touch with Amazon network partners?

An Amazon easy network partner will give you proper training. Since they are already working with other franchises, they would be adept to help you out in challenging situations. 

They will also train you to do other businesses along with Amazon’s easy store franchise. They are:-

  • BBPS, Money Transfer, Recharge, Affiliate marketing, etc.
  • PAN card agent, Insurance agent, etc.

Hence, choose an Amazon Network partner who can help you with these businesses too. Before signing up for the contract, ask whether they provide training and support. Also, have a detailed evaluation with their existing franchisees. 

Have a great business journey and good luck!!

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