Attempt to tarnish the image of RPSC: Objectionable posters put up at the building and chairman’s residence, Deputy Secretary filed a case

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RPSC building and posters put up.

  • Civil line police station engaged in investigation

To tarnish the image of Rajasthan Public Service Commission, the administration has swung into action regarding the objectionable posters pasted on the building and chairman’s residence. The Deputy Secretary of RPSC has registered a case against the unknown in the Civil Line Police Station. The police are involved in the investigation of the matter.

Deputy Secretary filed the case

Mali Mohalla, Kundan Nagar Ajmer resident Rajasthan Public Service Commission Ajmer’s Deputy Secretary (Coordination and Management Section) Chainaram Pawar’s son Punamram Meghwal (52) gave a report that on the night of 22 and 23 November, Rajasthan Public Service Commission on behalf of some unknown persons Conspiracy against the Commission, Ajmer (constitutional body) with the intention of committing illegal acts and criminal conspiracy and defacement of the public property of the commission building and the official residence of the chairman of the Commission and put up posters with the intention of causing mischief and damage to the public property lamps. Police has registered a case under Rajasthan Property Defacement Act and Section 120B, 427 Indian Penal Code and Section 3 PDPP Act and handed over the investigation to Sub-Inspector Vinod Kumar.

An attempt was made to tarnish the image of RPSC by putting up such posters.

these posters were put up

In the poster, the issue of disturbances in the interview of Assistant Professor Political Science 2020 in the College Education Department has been raised. This poster is said to have been put up on behalf of all the aggrieved students. This is our last appeal to the blind, deaf and dumb government. Candidates should directly contact Professor RS Aadha, the government broker appointed by Rajasthan Public Service Commission and get a job. Printed in English All Recruitment Payment Accepted Here. Two QR codes are given. One has RPSC written on it. Take money and get job corruption @YB and pay broker is written on other QR codes. A person’s photo is printed in it and below it is written 100% job guarantee. Contact 9460242524@ybprinted. There are many other objectionable words written in the poster.

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