Bad effect of artificial sweetener on children: It is weakening memory, there is a possibility of many mental disorders in growing up

9 days ago

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Although artificial sweetener is many times sweeter than sugar, its continuous use has an adverse effect on health. Its effect is especially visible in children. In fact, a recent study by USC Dornsife revealed that children’s memory is at risk of loss due to the use of artificial sweeteners.

Along with this, other mental changes are also seen in them. By consuming more sweetener in adolescence, its effect starts visible till puberty. Researchers found that artificial sweeteners directly affect the digestive system. This increases the risk of diabetes.

research on rats
Leading researcher Professor Lindsay Shear experimented on some rats for this. They were given artificial sweetener mixed with water. Some rats were given normal water. After this, some tests were done on the mice when they became adults. It was revealed that rats who regularly consume sweetener go astray. His memory was weak and he would quickly forget anything.

Researchers found that in rats consuming the sweetener, glucose was reaching the intestine by flowing differently in the blood. Study co-author Prof. Scott Kanosky says that children should not regularly consume artificial sweeteners from an early age. It is important to avoid it as far as possible.

The nervous system of the tongue gets disturbed, there is no taste
People who use artificial sweeteners cause disturbances in the receptors (nervous system) of sweet sensation on the tongue. This stops the taste in people’s mouth. Due to this, more sugar has to be used in tea, coffee or other cheeses to experience the sweet taste.

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