BYD Eto 3 Electric SUV Launch: 521 KM Range Will Be Available, 80% Battery Will Charge In 50 Minutes, Can Booking For ₹ 50,000

New Delhi3 days ago

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Chinese auto company BYD (Build Your Dream) has launched its electric vehicle Atto3 in India. The booking of this passenger vehicle SUV has started with a price of 50 thousand rupees. The price of the car will be released in November. At the same time, delivery of selected 500 units of the car will start from January 2023. The car will be assembled in Chennai.

The company claimed that the vehicle’s battery will be charged from 0 to 80% in 50 minutes. The car will reach the speed of 0 to 100 kmph in 7.3 seconds. This is BYD’s second car in India after the e6 MPV.

Ride Range of 521 KM
Generating 200hp of max power and 310Nm of peak torque, the vehicle has 3 driving modes – Eco, Normal and Sport. With a battery capacity of 60.48KWh, the vehicle has a claimed ride range of 521 km. The vehicle will be charged to 80% in 50 minutes with a DC charger. At the same time, with AC charger, 80% battery will be charged in 9.5 to 10 hours.

12.8 inch infotainment system
The interiors will get a 12.8-inch infotainment system, ultra-safe blade battery, 0.29Cd wind resistance and 8-speaker audio system. There are 7 air bags for safety.

12.8-inch infotainment system

12.8-inch infotainment system

Driving seat will be adjusted in 6 ways
Sporty and powerful exterior will be available with 2 regenerative braking selection. It has a panoramic sunroof with electric slide and anti-pinch. Drivers will be able to adjust the seat in 6 ways.

There will be 12.8-inch adaptive rotating suspension electronic pads and 360-degree parking system. The rear side gets full length LED tail-lamps, a roof mounted spoiler and two colored bumpers.

Full length LED tail-lamps are installed on the rear side.

The rear side gets full length LED tail-lamps.

Unique silver finish on wheels
The Eto 3 has a silver grille on the front side and BYD written on the center. Wing shaped LED daytime running lamp. Blacked-out wheel arch and single prominent shoulder line. The vehicle gets 18-inch 5-spoke, dual-colour alloy wheels. It has unique silver finishing on it.

18-inch 5-spoke dual color wheels will be available.

18-inch 5-spoke dual color wheels will be available.

Promotional package also included in the car
As a promotional package, the company is offering free 3 years 4G data subscription with the car. 6 free maintenance service and 6 years roadside assistance package will also be available.

The SUV is also available in white colour.

The SUV is also available in white colour.

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