7 Decorating Ideas for Small Space

Small rooms are part of almost every home, but it is tricky for most people to design the interior of such small spaces in a way that appears spacious. Whether it is a bedroom, living room, kitchen, or any other part of the house, there are various interior decorating ideas for small spaces of all sorts. No doubt, a tiny room requires more consideration when it comes to decor than larger rooms usually do, and finding the ideal solution for the area can require some expertise and extensive research to uncover options you may not have thought of before.

Fortunately, this blog includes a wealth of expert advice when it comes to decorating small rooms. The following seven ideas will help you make a good decision for small room decoration.

1. Neutral Color Palette

You can use light and neutral colors to make a space appear larger.

  • Light and brilliant walls reflect more light, creating the impression of spaciousness, which enhances the impact of natural light.
  • Dark colors, on the contrary, tend to absorb light, resulting in shrinking spaces.
  • However, a small room in no way indicates that you should make it plain white. 
  • Neutral palettes contain many amazing colors besides white that will look modern and spacious. For the best results, choose soft hues like off-white, blues, and greens.
  • Another idea is to paint your wall trim lighter than the color of your walls. This way, your wall will appear large.

2. Place a Suitable Rug

A perfectly placed rug in a small room will nicely blend with the room’s surroundings.

  • Using smaller rugs can make the room appear extra small.
  • Use an average-sized large area rug to cover the floor of your rooms.
  • Place it under the table, beside the bed or sofa, or on the bare floor with part of some furniture on top of it. 
  • Rugs in light colors can give a space a bigger and brighter appearance.
  • Try using light color tones like pastels, neutrals, off-whites, or light greys for plain rugs.
  • Do not just randomly place your rug without having a good angle or proportion, as it can look disoriented.

3. Bring more Lights

If there are small or no windows in your room, then it will make the small room claustrophobic.

  • Increase the number of light sources in every small room to make them more spacious.
  • You can pair chic ceiling lights with other furniture or decor items in the room to create a warm and inviting ambiance.
  • Do not make the room dependent on just a single ceiling or wall light. Use multiple light sources evenly across the room. 
  • Add gorgeous wall lights to make the room corners bright and wide-looking.
  • It is a great idea to use vertical space in smaller rooms. You can crystal hanging lights for this purpose.
  • For an aesthetic appeal of the room, use decorative hanging lights.
  • You can also add a modern-style chandelier in the middle of the room. However, do not hang huge or rectangular ones.
  • Adding a single lampshade in white color will enhance the lighting and spaciousness of the room.

4. Reflect Light with Mirrors

A gorgeous mirror with good placement can show that all it takes is one item of decor to significantly alter the appearance of a small space.

  • A modern mirror not only adds style to your small room but may also reflect more light.
  • Mirrors can also assist in creating the impression that a room is larger.
  • Mirrors can help you maximize natural light by reflecting it around the space. 
  • Choose a large mirror with a simple and elegant frame design. This will enhance the look of your smaller space.
  • You can also hang a decorative mirror opposite a window to add the factor of small room decoration.
  • It will reflect a good amount of light and will add a luxurious element to the atmosphere.
  • If there are no windows, then place the mirror next to a light source in the room.
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5. Clear the Jumble

Cleaning up the mess in your room is the most crucial thing you can do to enlarge your space. You will feel the difference in the room after decluttering the extras.

  • Get rid of anything you no longer need or use.
  • Having old rusty items, books, or magazines can be mostly unnecessary. 
  • You can select a few items to hold onto that you like or want, then throw away the rest.
  • Excessive clutter can make a space feel small and tight, which makes it difficult to move around.
  • Also, avoid having any extra objects or clutter on the floor.
  • If it is necessary, then try adding furniture such as shelves and a side table with drawers.
  • Avoid using floor lamps in the small room. Instead, you can choose wall lamps to bring in light.
  • You can reduce clutter and create the appearance of space if everything you use can be tucked away in a specific location.

6. Use Dual Purpose Items

Practicality is essential when choosing furnishings for a tiny living room.

  • You cannot accommodate all your furniture in a small room.
  • You can create more space by choosing furniture that has storage.
  • Choose a bed with integrated drawers, benches, or ottomans that have storage for additional blankets or sweaters.
  • For small bedroom decor ideas, you can choose a bed that may double as a sofa and a guest bed. 
  • We often use baskets to store blankets, toys, or other common items.
  • To maximize the appearance of a room, use vertical storage cupboards if possible.
  • You can also add built-in furniture to your room. For example, a closet, a bed, a linear sofa against the window, or a table can be successfully built in the rooms with creativity.

7. Keep it all in proportion

By adjusting your furniture to meet the proportions of the room, you can make the most of the layout. Nothing is worse than furniture that appears out of place.

  • If your goal is to create the illusion that the proportions are larger in smaller areas, you must be considerably more cautious about the items you decide to show.
  • Once you’ve placed the decor items in the room, take one or two away at a time until you find the right amount of visual interest and restraint.
  • Look for furniture with narrow arms, which implies more seating room.
  • Also, get the one with higher legs so you can see the floor underneath.
  • For sofas, you can get see-through sofas made of cane. 
  • Adding a circular table will also take less room if the dining area is very small.
  • The light fittings and their placement also contribute to the proportions of the room.

We believe these 7 small room design ideas will help you to make your rooms look bigger, brighter, and modern.

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