Defense is a multi-dimensional field: from Army to Rocket Force can build the future

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Step step by step, songs of happiness be sung, Ye zindagi hai community ki, tu kom pe loote ja.

– Tej Kadam Taal song of Azad Hind Fauj

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my territory, my life

In my opinion, protecting our territory is probably the oldest act in the world, and not only humans, many species from lions to apes give their lives to protect their territory.

When there was a crisis of control of outsiders over its territory, the whole society was called upon to protect it and armies were formed. Later in India, certain specific groups (castes) became expert in it and were called ‘Kshatriyas’, although people of other castes and professions also took part in the war.

Defense in the Modern World

Today Defense has become a multi-dimensional field with different areas like (1) Intelligence, (2) Army, (3) Navy, (4) Air, (5) Space, (6) Cyber, (7) Rocket Force, (8) Drone, (9) Support, And so on.

Now the job of armies is not only to fight wars, but also to maintain peace and to carry out rescue operations in peace time. The armies in India were almost completely Britishized during the British period and we are largely following the same system even today.

Apart from fighting physical wars, now there are wars fought with technology, where machines and computers fight with each other, not soldiers. This is a completely new chapter.

Indian Defense Dimensions

1) There are many facets of defense services. The first option is Uniform Services, These are classified into four types, namely Indian Army, Indian Air Force, Indian Navy and Coast Guard.

2) Other than this, Other career options in defense services Such as Central Armed Police Forces (CRPF), National Security Guard (NSG), NCC, Border Roads Organization (BRO), Interservices Organizations like DRDO, etc.

3) For candidates aspiring to make a career in the defense sector on the basis of their education profile and the commission (tenure) they are opting for. There are many entry points.

So are you ready to serve the nation in defense? Keep reading

How to Join Defense

1) Entry points can be further divided into two parts: permanent commission and short service commission.

2) Permanent Commission means a career till retirement, and short service commission Means career for 10 years with 4 year extension option.

3) Recruitment is done in different ways in different posts. Based on the academic profile, Indian Armed Forces offers career prospects to graduate and undergraduate candidates.

4) Candidates of both the categories, having 10+2 pass or graduation or in the final year of respective degree program, can apply to become an officer in the Armed Forces.

5) Undergraduate Entries: National Defense Academy (NDA): Candidates in the age group of around 16.5 to around 19.5 years, who have either passed or appeared in 10+2 examination can apply for NDA entrance exam conducted twice a year by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Both male and female candidates are eligible for admission to the prestigious National Defense Academy (National Defense Academy) which is located in Pune, Maharashtra.

6) Graduate Entries: Combined Defense Services (CDS): Graduate male and female candidates aspiring to serve the Indian Armed Forces can appear for the CDS exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) twice a year. Candidates selected through this entry (a) Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, (b) Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala, (c) Air Force Academy, Hyderabad and (d) Officer Training Academy (OTA), Chennai. While male candidates are entitled to join any academy as per their choice and educational qualification, female candidates can opt for OTA Chennai only.

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7) Apart from this the candidates should have ’10+2 Technical Entry Scheme (TES)’, ’10+2 (B Tech) Cadet Entrance Scheme’; ‘Indian Navy 10+2 (B Tech) Cadet Entry Scheme’; There are also options for ‘Air Force Common Entrance Test (AFCAT)’, ‘Technical Graduate Course (TGC)’, ‘Indian Navy Entrance Test (INET)’ etc.

entry of women

Women’s admission to undergraduate, postgraduate and engineering programs has been extremely popular and competitive. After completing her training at OTA in Chennai, a woman officer can now serve for fourteen years. The Services Selection Board selects the applicants. Women officers have outperformed their male counterparts in every field.

Agneepath Scheme

This new scheme will be implemented in all the three services of the Armed Forces of the Government of India, Army, Navy and Air Force. There is a plan to recruit soldiers for the posts below commissioned officer for four years.

1) Through this, a new post ‘Agniveer’ will be given to the recruited soldiers.

2) This recruitment scheme is available for female and male candidates in the age group of 17.5 to 21 years.

3) In this scheme, the government gives 4 years job in the Indian Army with an annual package of up to 6.9 lakhs.

4) Personnel retiring after 4 years of service will not be eligible for pension but will receive a lump sum amount of around ₹11.71 lakh at the end of the tenure.

5) 25% of the Agniveers who retire after four years will be given a chance to join the Permanent Commission. However there is no guarantee of this.

6) With this scheme, the government is expected to get relief from the expenses incurred in pension and other benefits.

Many youths have been very disappointed with the rules of the new scheme, due to which there was a strong opposition to this scheme. The main reasons for concern were the short length of service, no pension provision for early retirees, and the age restriction of 17.5 to 21 years. Due to these new rules many existing candidates were disqualified to serve in the Indian Armed Forces. Some military veterans criticized the plan, saying it would adversely affect the functioning of the armed forces and the short tenure of ‘Agnivar’ would harm the effectiveness of the armed forces.

Today’s career fund is that the most direct way to serve the country is to serve in defense.

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