DIY Ideas to Give Your Kitchen a Makeover

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and you want it to be somewhere that is beautiful and uniquely you. However, kitchens are often the most expensive thing to renovate, but you can make plenty of smaller DIY changes to your kitchen without spending a small fortune remodeling it. Sometimes just a few small changes can be exactly what your kitchen needs to give it a fresh, new look without breaking the bank. Here, we will look at some DIY kitchen project ideas that will make it feel like your kitchen just got a complete makeover.

Install a Faux Stone Kitchen Backsplash

The kitchen backsplash is one of the most overlooked areas when you work on kitchen DIY projects, but it has an important job in your kitchen. Just because the point of the backsplash is to be hit with splatters does not mean that it cannot look good while doing it.

One of the best kitchen backsplashes you can use is faux brick or stone. It looks and feels just like the real thing, but it is completely DIY-friendly and does not add any bulk to the wall. It is also waterproof and resistant to heat, so you do not have to worry about it getting ruined while doing its job in the kitchen.

If you want to change all of the walls in your kitchen, you can easily install faux stone for all of them, giving them a bold new look that can make your kitchen look rustic or modern and sleek, depending on your personal preferences.

Create a Cord Breadbox

Does the area around the outlet in your kitchen feel like it is constantly cluttered with cords and chargers? You can take an old breadbox and drill a hole in the back of it that is large enough for a power strip to get through, then place your power strip and any cords in it. It will look more at home this way, you will not have to keep them in the junk drawer, and you do not have to worry about them getting ruined by spills on the counter.

Change the Hardware

The door handles and knobs have probably been in your kitchen since you bought your home. Changing these out for new ones can make your kitchen feel fresher and newer, even if it is a relatively small DIY project.

Repaint The Cabinets

Completely replacing your cabinets can be expensive, so if that is out of your budget, you can repaint them instead. If the wood is in good enough shape, you can even do it without sanding them first. This is something that will only take a few hours to do, but it is a fun and easy way to give your kitchen a DIY makeover.

Give the Kitchen Island a DIY Makeover

The kitchen island is a great feature to have in any kitchen. It gives you more storage space, extra counter space, and extra seating. If your kitchen island has seen better days, you can give it a DIY makeover to breathe new life into it. For a kitchen island that has a section designated for seating, you can cover the entire section in faux stone, then get some seating that offers a beautiful contrast to it. This will also work well on a kitchen breakfast bar.

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Another fun way that you can incorporate faux stone into your kitchen island is by creating hidden doors to the cabinets in it. So, at first glance, it will look like a single piece of the island, but when you pull on it, it opens up and reveals whatever kitchen tools you have hidden inside.

Make Vertical Storage for Baking Pans

It can be frustrating to constantly have to fight with your baking pans to find the right one when they are all stacked on top of each other. With some simple dividers, you can store your baking pans vertically, so your cookie sheets are grouped separately from your muffin tins and cake pans. This is a quick and easy DIY project for your kitchen, and even though it is not an openly visible project, this small cabinet makeover can eliminate a headache that many struggle with when baking.

Upgrade Your Vent Hood

The vent hood is another thing that you use all the time but tend to overlook when thinking about how to improve your kitchen. You can build a new one out of wood or simply give it a new look. This is another area of your kitchen where you can install faux stone to give it a new, beautiful look. It is a small and simple DIY project, but this little feature can still give your kitchen a whole new look and feel.

If your stove has a metal exhaust vent, you can use faux stone there, too, to give it a unique and beautiful look. You may have to surround the vent in wood before you can install the faux stone, depending on the size and shape of the exhaust vent.

Install New Countertops

Depending on what you want your countertops to be made out of, this can be a simple DIY makeover project or one that is complex. It is entirely up to you, but you can find some beautiful new countertops that will go with every other improvement you are doing in the kitchen.

Get New Lighting

Your light fixtures have probably been there as long as you have had your home, too, so now is a good time to redo them. You want some bright lighting in your kitchen so that you can see what you are doing, so look for new fixtures that do just that.

If you have any counter space under some cabinets that are obscuring your view of the counter while cooking, you can add some bright LED light strips to the underside of the cabinet to light it up better. 

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