Euthanasia became a problem in Canada: 10,000 people committed suicide in 1 year, from March 2023 it is also legally allowed for mentally ill

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Allowing euthanasia in Canada is becoming a problem. Here last year i.e. in 2021 itself, more than 10 thousand people gave their lives through euthanasia. This is more than 3% of the total deaths in Canada throughout the year. Now after 4 months in March 2023, mentally ill people will also be allowed to die by law.

Under this, minors will also be given the right of euthanasia. Due to euthanasia in such a large number, Ross Douthat, author of ‘The Deep Places: A Memoir of Illness and Discovery’, says – When 10,000 people are euthanizing in a year, the permission of euthanasia is beyond the control of any civil society. No sign remains, rather it becomes a kingdom of terror.

people in favor of euthanasia
Ross said- although most people in the country are in support of allowing euthanasia. He believes that along with living with dignity, it is also the right of a human being to die with dignity. Maria Cheng of the Associated Press reports in her report that health workers in Canada are also advising euthanasia for people who are troubled by financial constraints and have started thinking about suicide.

Ross Douthat said – This is an inherently destructive idea. If it is left like this, then in the coming time, it will create such a society, where people will start understanding death better and this will be the last chapter of humanity.

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