Follow the Samurai Method to Sharpen Your Memory: Story, Acronym, Mnemonics and Relate Formula to Sharpen Your Memory

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History, geography very unfaithful, missed the night in the morning

– popular saying

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Don’t remember, forgot!

I have seen many students preparing for competitive exams humming the above quote.

Do you also have this problem that you work hard in studies, but things are not remembered for a long time? Your mouth hurt from cramming things in at night, but everything evaporates in the morning with the first ray of sun.

If you are also facing this kind of problem to remember things then I give you samurai method Which can solve your problem.

What is Samurai (SAMuRai) Approach

The Samurai Approach has four parts: (1) S – Story, (2) A – Acronym, (3) M – Mnemonics and (4) R – Relate

1) Create Story Make Stories: Create your own story around whatever you want to remember. Doing this helps visualize the concept.

A) Make yourself a character in the story.

B) While imagining the story, think closely about the colors, smells, smells, atmosphere, weather, sounds etc. of that place.

C) Stories created like this will stay in your mind for years.

d) For example, if you want to remember the names of the first five presidents of America – George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe – then One can imagine a meeting with the ‘two James’ (one Madison and the other Monroe) at the ‘Jefferson’ Cafe of the ‘Adams’ restaurant in the ‘Washington’ city of America. In the meeting, see both James eating their favorite dish with you. The more you associate it with your prime feelings, such as hunger, thirst, safety, etc., the more chances you have of remembering it.

E) To recall, where did you eat your favorite dish ‘Vada-Sambhar’ with two men named James, remember ‘Jefferson’ Cafe, Adams Restaurant, Washington.

f) This is just an example, do your own imagination and let the imagination come naturally, don’t try too hard.

2) Create an acronym Make Acronyms: This is a ‘time tested’ formula for remembering things. Keep in mind – Acronyms are word forms made by combining the first letters.

A) To remember the colors of the rainbowBaijanihpinala‘ and to remember the ratios of angles in trigonometry ‘Pandit Badri Prasad Har Har Bole‘ has been an extremely popular acronym.

B) Bain – Violet, Ja – Purple, Ni – Blue, H – Green, P – Yellow, Na – Orange, La – Red

C) This helps you to reduce large information. Largest acronyms can be made of 5, 6 or 7 letters or any catchy name.

d) These days there are also websites for building acronyms. You can create the acronym in any language of your convenience – Hindi, English, or your mother tongue.

3) Create Mnemonic: Mnemonics are any learning techniques used to aid in memorization. Words (such as mnemonic), phrase, poem, song (song), picture (mind map) all come in mnemonic. An acronym is a type of mnemonic, but only one type.

A) Mnemonics help you structure and organize the information you want to remember.

B) Clenching both the fists, lower them. Now start counting the months from the left where the fingers are up. The ones above will be months with 31 days.

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C) It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Anyway, the brain is a little more helped to remember pictures than words.

d) You can understand difficult concepts by making mnemonics and capture such-and-such in your mind, and if needed, looking at that picture printed in your mind, you can write the answer.

4) Relate: To relate means to relate the newly learned thing to an old learned thing.

A) For example, if you know about the Maurya Empire and the fact that the last Maurya emperor was brutally murdered by his general Pushyamitra Shunga, then you can easily remember the name of the next empire (Shunga Empire).

In this way, using the above mentioned tricks separately or together, you can remember even the toughest things.

another example: All emperors of the Mughal Empire (Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir, Shah Jahan, Aurangzeb (Alamgir I), Bahadur Shah I or Shah Alam I, Jahandar Shah, Farrukhsiyar, Rafi-ud-Darjat (Shah Jahan II), Rafi-ud-Daulat , Muhammad Ibrahim, Muhammad Shah Rangila, Ahmad Shah Bahadur, Alamgir II, Shah Jahan III, Shah Alam II, Akbar Shah II, Bahadur Shah II) To remember the names, first of all, you can count them as a number and remember that there have been 19 emperors in total, in which 3 Shah Jahan, 2 Akbar, 2 Shah Alam, 2 Bahadur Shah, 2 Alamgir have been born.

After this you make a mnemonic – ‘BHAJIYA KHAO SAB. JaFRRaM, MAASi will make (Bhajia) for SAB’ And can also make a story around it. Imagine that you have given a feast to all the Mughal emperors in the garden outside your house and your ‘Jafram Maasi’ has made bhajiya for ‘everyone’.

I hope that with these tricks, you will be able to remember the most difficult things easily and climb the stairs of success.

Today’s career buzzword is that the Samurai Method of remembering things is powerful and time tested, it should be put to use.

Will do and show!

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