Best 6 Free Backlink Checker Tools Online You Must Try in 2022

Backlinks are one of the most important factors in ranking on search engines. They are also important for your website’s reputation (DA and PA).

A backlink is a link from another site to your site. There are many benefits to getting backlinks, but there are risks as well.

There are many tools that can help you check your backlinks and see how well they’re doing for you, but there’s also the risk of these tools not being accurate. That’s why you need a reliable tool to make sure that all the work you’ve put into your backlink profile is worthwhile.

Here I’m sharing the best free backlinks checker tools. Using these tools you can audit the competitor’s backlinks and gain more backlink opportunities for your website.

In this list all are free and some tools are free with some limitations if you want to use advanced features of tools then you can purchase the pro service of these backlink checker tools.

1. Majestic backlink checker

Majestic Backlink Checker  | Free Backlinks Checker

Majestic backlink checker is one of the best tools in the online backlink checker tools.

Let’s know about this backlink checker tool and how to use it.

Firstly click on this link (Majestic Backlink Checker) more learn about this tool and its features also.

Majestic launched the backlink checker tool in 2008. This tool is one of the first search engine SEO tools to monitor backlinks; Trust Flow and Citation Flow have become industry-standard benchmarks.

When you come on this page after clicking this link, you can see the submit box. This box is a backlink checker tool.

You can enter your domain, URL, or search phrase. After submitting your URL or domain then click the search icon and after a few seconds, you can see your results.

Here you can see a few results because it’s free. When you sign up with your Email Id then you can see your website’s backlinks report.

Know About Every Point of Majestic Backlink Checker:

1. Trust Flow (Link Quality): Trust Flow is a measure of the total number of links to a website from sources that Google deems as providing authority to the website. The Trust Flow is a normalized score, where 10 is the highest possible score, and 0 is the lowest possible score (which is a negative score as well as a very low-quality link).

2. Citation Flow (Link Volume): Citation Flow is a metric in our Citation Rank formula that measures the number of quality backlinks pointing to a website. Citation Flow is the number of total backlinks divided by the number of total linking domains.

3. Link Graph: A link graph is an algorithm used to determine the number of links linking to a site through different search engines. It is actually a comprehensive illustration of the web link structure created by the most important pages on your site. This gives you an idea about the popularity of your site. (it Available after sign up)

4. Link Profile: Here you will find out about your website’s Backlinks Profile. (It is Available after sign up)

5. External Inbound Link: Here you will find out a backlink is an incoming link from a different website.

6. After Noise Reduction: Here you can see the link number after removing low-quality backlinks.

7. Referring Domains: Referring Domains are known as “ref domain” is a website that has backlinks from to a page or link.

8. Referring IPs: A Referring IP refers to an IP address that hosts a website.

9. Backlinks Breakdown: 

Free Backlink Checker Tool

Here you will find out your website’s links like

– Live and deleted backlinks

– From deep links and Homepages

– Direct and indirect links

– Follow and No Follow Backlinks

– HTTP and HTTPS Website number

Here, you find out types of links like redirect links, text links, images, and frames links.

And you also show your website’s duplicate backlinks.

10. Anchor Text: Here you will find out your target anchor text and related external backlinks.

2. Neil Patel’s Backlink Checker

Let’s Know about Neil Patel’s Backlink Checker SEO Tools.

When you click on this link, after that you will come to the page with the backlink checker tool. Where you will enter your website URL after submitting you can see your backlink results.

You can analyze your backlinks with Exact URL, Domain without subdomains, Domain with all its subdomains, and Domain.

Key Stats:

Domain Authority: In short known as “DA” is a score by MOZ that score means how likely a website is to rank on SERPs. DA Score is between 0 to 100. Your website’s DA score depends on Backlink also.

Backlinks: Here you will know about your website’s backlink which has come from other websites  Follow and NO Follow Links also.

Referring Domains:  Here you will get information about the backlink of your website, which is linked to other websites.

Organic Monthly Traffic: In this section, you will see the total monthly traffic of your website.

Backlink Overtime: In this chart, you will find out about your website’s Backlinks and Referring Domains Monthly. Here you will know how many backlinks and referring domains have been updated in which month.

New and Lost Backlinks:  In this colored chart you will see how many backlinks related to your domain are updated new and lost backlinks with a date.

Referring Domains by DA: Here you will know that your website’s backlinks are made from which website’s DA score range?

Anchor Text and Backlinks: Here you will know about anchor text and how many backlinks this anchor text has.

After scrolling down bit top quality backlinks analysis in this section, you will sort data related to backlinks by filters.

In this section, you will see which website your target page URL is associated with and how backlinks do NO Follow and DO Follow.

The DA and PA score of the website will be known from which there are backlinks.

And also know about anchor text.

3. RankWatch Backlink Checker

Rankwatch Provide Free Backlink Checker tools also. You can conduct a detailed backlink analysis of you and your competitors with this free backlink checker tool.

Let’s Know about Rankwatch backlink checker tool.

Firstly when you click on this link then you redirect to this page where you can enter your website’s domain or subdomain and URL also. After paste, your Url or competitor Url click on explore backlinks button.

After a few seconds, you can see backlink reports.

Now, let’s take a look at each of the filters that Rank watch gives you access to the free backlink checker tool.

Before proceeding, let me tell you that if you want to do backlinks analysis in detail then you have to sign up.

First, you will see four types of sections

Summary: in this section, you can see short details.

Ref. Domain: here you will find out short details of referring domains.

Anchor text: here you will find out details as same ref domain.

Backlinks: here you will find backlinks but some backlinks details same as ref. domain and anchor text section. (For Explore Backlinks Please signup)



Total no of Backlinks:

First you will see a color chart of the total number of backlinks in which you will know how many backlinks have been activated and removed.

Green Color: Active Backlinks and

Red Color: Delete Backlinks

And here you will get information about your website’s trust Score and Citation Score.

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Link Acquisition Trend: Here you will know how many backlinks were created on which date

Referring Domain Flow Metrics: You will see the data of the website from which your website has got backlinks.

Trust Score

Citation Score

Backlink and

Alexa Rank

Anchor Text used for your Domain: Here you will find out how many backlinks on your target Anchor text.

Now Backlinks for Your Domain:

In this chart you will find out details about backlinks

Referring Url | Landing Url

Referring Url (Trust Score and Citation Score)

Anchor Text

Link Type (NO Follow/ Do Follow)

Date of Crawling Your Backlinks

Last Points are Backlinks Distribution

In this section you will find some additional information about backlinks.

Do follow vs No Follow

Active vs Deleted

Link Type (Redirect vs Image vs Link vs Frame)

4. Ahref Backlink Checker Tool

First, we’ll go to site explorer and enter in a domain Or URL that you want to analyze.

Here, you’ll see a top-level view of the website you’re analyzing and since we’re just focusing on backlinks analysis and link building. You can find on this page’s backlinks of your domain or URL and referring domains.

But you might have noticed that right below, there’s mention of “recent” and “historical”.

Ahrefs backlink checker online tool is the Second best link-building tool in the world. The reason is it has the largest backlinks database as compared with any other link-building tool. What makes Ahrefs the best link-building tool in the world? Let’s find out what makes Ahrefs backlink checker the best one.

Key Stats of Ahrefs

1. 5B pages crawl every day to find the links

2.16M known links so far

3.170M root domains

4.48 Petabytes of storage

5.65000 CPU Cores

Basic Terms of Ahrefs Backlink Checker:

NEW: Here you will find all the backlinks of your web page or domain that have been built within today, yesterday, last seven days, last 30 days, and last 60 days.

LOST: Here, you will find all the lost links and dropped links that have been lost and dropped within the last some days.

Broken: Broken links are the link that has been broken. In other words, it is those backlinks that have been created on those pages which have been removed from your website.

Backlink Section: Here you will find lots of options that will help you out to find the best backlinks to follow your competitors.

Anchors Section: here you will find out an anchor that shows all the anchor tags of the backlinks.

Referring IPs: Here you will find out the IP address of Referring Domain which backlinks to your website.

Internal Backlinks: in this section, you will show all your website’s internal backlinks apart from the external backlinks. you will also not find the new and lost feature there.


Now you have a better idea about how to use Ahrefs backlink checker. Start using Ahrefs Backlink Checker tools and start your backlink-building campaign. if you still find it difficult to use then get help from the best SEO company in India

The live index contains all links that were live on our last Re-crawl, which tells you that they’re almost certainly live right now. in the historical links index and these contain the history of all links dead or alive.

This is the reason why each link index is bigger than the next.

if you scroll down a bit, then you’ll see a few interactive graphs thats shows you the dynamics of link acquisition over time, both for the number of referring domains and referring pages. And there are a few filters you can use here too.

By default, you’ll see the growth over the last year, but you can narrow this down to the last 30 days, or look at a time view to see how each website has done over time.

5. Link-Assistant Tools

SEO PowerSuite has just released the web version of the backlink tool and the best thing about it is that it’s free for everyone!

 With SEO Spyglass backlink checker your new go-to backlink analysis tool to save you hours of work and hundreds of bucks.

Firstly go to the tool page (Click on This Link) See what’s inside just enter your site’s URL, choose the analysis method, and hit the check backlinks button.

In a few seconds, the tool will start collecting data for you. in the guest mode, you’ll only see the first 10 backlinks and the general backlink profile stats. This limitation is aimed at protecting the service from scraper bots. The 100% free signup will unlock all the widgets and charts for you.

You can sign up with a Facebook account and email also (no confirmation required), after signup you have access all chart and backlink stats.

Here you can check the in link rank of the page and the domain you have just analyzed then you can take a look at the number of unique IPs and C-blocks and evaluate the No follow/Do follow backlinks ratio.  Let’s scroll down a bit and you can find a few interactive graphs.

The historical data graph lets you see the changes in the backlinks profile growth over time and the new/lost backlink data graph.

Shows you the number of backlinks that the websites gained and lost during the selected period of time.

Right below the graphs, you’ll see the table with backlinks details.

 A few specific features are available for you here.

You can click on the IN Link rank columns if you want to sort data by this metric and view the most authoritative backlinks first.

You can also sort the backlinks by Do follow and No follow.

And finally, you can sort the backlinks by the first found date.

This is the date when the crawler has first found this backlink and added it to its index.

As I have mentioned before, you can view up to 10000 backlinks per domain in this online tool and you can export all the backlinks found, you can download the desktop version of SEO SpyGlass and export the data using the free trial version.

6. Small SEO Backlink Checker Tool

Checking backlinks using smallseotools’s Backlinks Checker tool is as easy as 3 steps. all you have to do is enter the domain’s URL or Particular Page, Product and Blog URL for which you want to check the backlink’s checker profile and Click on “Get Backlink” Button. That’s it, that’s all you need to do.

Small SEO Tool takes just three simple steps:

  1. Get on this backlink checker tools page (
  2. On this page you have a box where enter your URL. This can be the main domain the site’s homepage or the URL of a particular page of your site like a product page or blog page URL.
  3. Click on the “Get Backlink” button then you complete a CAPTCHA. If so, go ahead with it. Once you’ve completed the three steps above. You can download the report if you want.

Benefits: in this link checker tool you can show the top 100 backlinks to a single URL and you have the feature to view more. 

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