Garudasan is very beneficial for the body, know what kind of benefits can be

Digital Desk, New Delhi. If you want a healthy life, then doing yoga is considered very important. Because there are many benefits of doing yoga. Practicing yoga brings both peace of mind and better health. There are many asanas of yoga. Which have many benefits. By practicing yoga, you can remain young and healthy throughout your life. People often take yoga as a slow medium, but it is not so. Yoga can help you stay healthy in many ways. There are different yoga practices for different parts of the body, due to which you can get relief from any disease, stress or pain. Today we are going to tell you about such asana Garudasan. Which you must have heard about. Today we will tell you about Garudasana in full detail, what are the benefits you can get by doing it. Garudasana mainly affects the shoulder, wrist, arm and leg part. Along with this, doing Garudasan yoga also strengthens your ankles and hips.

Garudasana yoga is a type of stretching exercise that works to stretch the body. Along with this, in today’s busy lifestyle, people live in a lot of stress, doing Garudasan yoga reduces your stress level.

how to do garudasana
First of all, stand in Tadasana posture. Now while inhaling bend your knees and extend both the hands in front. Now take the balance of the whole body with the right foot and lift the left leg upwards. Now move the left leg forward while moving the right leg backwards. Now cross with the elbows of both your hands and bend them. After this, keep both the palms in the posture of Namaskar.

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