Gas leak in Bhopal stirred up, people admitted to hospital after difficulty in breathing

People were admitted to the hospital after burning eyes and difficulty in breathing. (file photo)

Bhopal (MP):

A chlorine gas tank leaked on Wednesday night in Mother India Colony of Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. This caused a stir as the gas spread. People living in the settlement started having burning sensation in their eyes and difficulty in breathing. Due to this people came out of the houses. 3 people including a woman have been admitted to the hospital. Although the administration says that this is a small incident and the situation is completely under control.

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In Bhopal, some people allegedly fell ill due to a leak from a chlorine gas plant in Mother India Colony. District Collector Avinash Lavania said that while water was being cleaned at Idgah water filter plant, through chlorine gas from the cylinder, it accidentally leaked, causing panic among the local residents. Three people have been admitted to Hamidia Hospital and the administration has claimed that the situation is under control.

The process of safety and control of chlorine gas is being ensured by the Collector, DCP, Corporation Commissioner by inspecting the plant and its adjoining housing complex, Mother India Colony, Idgah Hills Multi Sabhi. The team of water authority, corporation, district administration and police is working together. Until the situation becomes normal, the duties of all departments have also been ensured.

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