Goodbye 2019: Rohit Sharma Beats To Virat Kohli In Race While Mohammed Shami Becomes Bowling King In ODI In 2019

Good Bye 2019: Virat Kohli performed brilliantly in ODIs, but fell behind Rohit

special things

  • This time Rohit defeated Virat!
  • Mohammed Shami surprised everyone!
  • Shai Hope of Windies rises to height

New Delhi:

The year 2019 will end in a few days. And as this month progresses, we will tell you many special things of the year 2019 from different aspects. Under this episode, we have brought the performance of ODIs in the year 2019. And in the famous race going on in this performance, Rohit Sharma has overtaken captain Virat Kohli. Before the recently concluded Windies ODI series, the eyes of crores of Indian cricket lovers were on this race. Everyone was expecting that Virat would become the king of the year, but Rohit won, but Mohammed Shami surprised everyone and became the king of the year 2019 among bowlers. Let’s talk about the king of bowling in 2019. Meaning about the bowlers who took the most wickets in the year 2019. , Let’s know who are these bowlers.

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Name Match Over Wicket Best
Mohammed Shami 21 177.2 42 5/69

Trent Boult 20 193.4 38 5/21
Lockie Ferguson 17 159.4 35 4/37
Mustifzur Rahman 16 141.1 34 5/59
Bhuvneshwar Kumar 19 149.5 33 4/31

It’s about bowling, now let’s talk about batting. And in this, the competition to become the king was between two legendary Indians Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. In fact, this race was going to be very exciting, where no one knew who would win. Although Kohli had the upper hand, but the last race was in the name of Rohit. Let us know how many runs scored by which batsman in ODIs in the year 2019.

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Batsman Match Innings Run Best Average 100/50

Rohit 28 27 1490 159 57.30 7/6

Virat 26 25 1377 123 59.86 5/7

s. Hope 28 26 1345 170 61.13 4/8
Finch 23 23 1141 153* 51.86 4/6
Babar Azam 20 20 1092 115 60.66 3/6

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In the 2019 season ended, one of Rohit and Virat was sure to become number one, but Mohammed Shami’s highest wicket-taker in ODIs tells how much progress Indian fast bowling has made. And this is a very good sign for the future.

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