Heart health: The risk of heart attack is many times higher in patients with diabetes.

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The cardiovascular system of the body is made up of heart, blood and blood vessels. Cardiovascular system means the system that runs the heart. Different risk factors associated with this system are called cardiometabolic health ie metabolism of the heart.

Heart health can be judged on 5 factors for ideal cardiometabolic health. These are- having ideal condition of blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, BMI and waist width. In the December 8 issue of Dainik Bhaskar, an article related to cardiometabolic health was published, on which a large number of readers asked questions, which are being answered. Dr. Wasim Sachora of KD Hospital, Mathura ,

Question. Is surgery the only treatment for cardiomyopathy?
answer. This is a hereditary disease of the heart muscle that occurs anytime after birth or from parents, due to which the heart is not able to deliver blood properly to the body. This can cause the heart to stop working. Its treatment is medicines, implanted devices, surgery and in severe cases only transplant.

Question. There is pain in the left side of the chest. All tests related to this are normal. Why is this?
answer. If the cardiac examination is normal, it may be due to muscle or bone pain.

Question, My mother’s age is 35 years. A hole has just been detected in his heart. What is its treatment?
answer, The chances of atrial septal defect are high in this age. Ventricular septal defect can also happen, consult your doctor. He will do some investigation and tell when the operation is to be done.

Question, Age is 68 years. For the last 15 years, I am taking regular BP and sugar medicine. Every time the test comes back normal. Should these medicines be stopped?
answer, Even if your reports are normal, do not stop the medicine, always take it and keep taking doctor’s advice from time to time.

Question. Is there any relation between sugar and heart attack?
answer, Sugar patients are many times more likely to have a heart attack.

Question, Can 20 to 30 percent blockage be removed with medicine?
answer, If there is 20 to 30 percent blockage, there is no need for operation or angioplasty. Changes in medicine and routine can prevent it from growing.

Question, What kind of angiography should be done for information about blockage in the blood.
answer, Coronary angiography or CT angiography can be done for blockage in the coronary artery.

Question. my ejection fraction (LVEFanswer. Your doctor will first find out why the ejection fraction is low and will recommend medication, angiography or a pacemaker (CRT) accordingly.

Question.In April 2021, there was 75 to 80% blockage in LAD. Since then medicines are going on. My MPI test, TMT both are negative. But the doctor says that my disease is chronic?
answer. Keep taking the medicine as per the advice of the doctor and prevent the blockage from increasing.

Question. What is the treatment for heart valve defects?
answer. According to the severity of the heart valve defect, it can be improved by medicine, operation or it can be changed.

Question. Two years ago, my wife came to know about BP (140/80) and Thyroid (5.20) after Kovid. On which the doctor started the pills. But now in the investigation, his BP has come to 118/80 and thyroid 2.45 (after taking half the pill). The second doctor says that there is no need for any pill. Get the right guidance.
answer. Medicine is not required based on your report but it needs regular monitoring, keep checking on time.

Question. After how many days after the stent is placed can the hernia operation be done?
answer. Generally, after 6 months of stent placement, the operation can be done with the advice of the doctor.

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