How to Get Website Ranking by Removing Duplicate Links?

The first step for successful website ranking goes through search engine optimization. If you have used proper SEO strategies for your website then no one can stop your website from being ranked. We all know that website ranking can improve work because of SEO metrics only. However, Search Engine Optimization is not limited to just keyword research and content marketing. It is very broad and has taken a lot of techniques in itself.

 Along with these techniques, backlinks also need to be counted. Backlinks are an important part of search engine optimization for websites. With its help, we are able to improve our website ranking.

When it comes to website ranking, is definitely a very important task for you. Website ranking is essential to bring your website to Google’s first page. It is also directly related to the earnings of your website. If your website is getting ranked then the number of viewers on your website will also increase. 

However, with good backlinks, you get it easy. With backlinks, you will feel easier to rank a web page than other complex methods. Let us know how many types of backlinks can be there and what is their effect on website ranking.

Website Ranking

Types of links and their impact 

Using backlinks alone will not improve the ranking of your website. Surely you must be wishing for a good response only from high-quality items. Similarly, you can get different types of links while generating links.

By adopting some quality SEO techniques, the ranking of your website can be improved with the help of links; And the popularity of the website can also be increased. This gives you the advantage that more customers will visit your website. So you should probably choose good links using the right link-building services.

On the other hand, where the website benefits with the help of good backlinks, some toxic links also have side effects. Toxic links (duplicate links) have an adverse effect on the ranking factor of your website, due to which your website has to suffer a lot. For this reason, you should avoid using these types of links.

Duplicate Links: How they impact website performance 

Where good links provide good traffic, bad links do not build good links for you. As a result, your backlinking completely demolishes your website ranking. You cannot do link building with duplicate links.  

What if you use backlinks that do not have any link between two websites? Of course, this addition would be very bad and unsightly because such backlinks would be fatal to the google algorithm. As a result, strict action can be taken by Google towards your website. You can take the help of its technical SEO consultant so that you do not have to face any problems.

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Bad links (duplicate links) need to be removed. Therefore, you have to use such SEO strategies that help you find duplicate links.

Impact of duplicate links : 

  • Allowing the use of duplicate links has a bad effect on website health. This also has a bad effect on the performance of your website. 
  • Duplicate links can connect only two websites but their effect is on the Google algorithm. As a result, red signals can be issued by Google against your website.
Impact of duplicate links
  • It makes the content of your website useless. 
  • Gradually reducing the organic traffic of your website. As a result, the number of viewers on your website decreases.

How Can You Remove Duplicate Links For Website Ranking : 

There have been many changes in the methods of SEO ranking and the reason for this is the changes in the algorithm of search engine platforms. These changes affect the ranking factor of your website, due to which it is imperative to provide you with good quality content.

If you are not following or modifying the content by going against all these search algorithms of Google, then you may have to bear the heavy consequences. Maybe google may take down your website. In this change it is necessary to identify and fix the duplicate links, so let’s see  – 

  • Prepare a list of all your backlinks and then delete them by selecting them from your ‘remove list’.
  •  You can send a request to remove all toxic links by sending a request. If your request is accepted then your problem will be solved. 
  • Tell your toxic backlinks on Google tools and request them not to take action against them.


At last, you need to take proper steps to remove duplicate links from your website. Because it is important for you to rank the website and Backlinks have an important role in it. If you will move towards good backlinks then your website will definitely rank. On the contrary, do not use toxic links at all. If you’ve done that and are now worried about how to remove them, you can find and remove them with the help of this article. 

You use Seo consulting services to remove such backlinks. Therefore, you will be able to keep the health of your website good and it will give good performance. 

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