If you read these 4 autobiographies, you will get inspiration: Inspiring life from Gandhi to Nikola Tesla

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The biography (or autobiography) is the true history.

-Thomas Carlyle

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Inspirational Biographies (Biography) and Autobiographies (Autobiography)

When Scottish author Thomas Carlyle, famous for writing books like Sorter Resorts, The French Revolution, Hero and Hero Worship, said this, life learning and inspiration from biogeographies and autobiographies (autobiography) remained in his mind. Will be

Today in Career Funda I will tell you about some very inspiring life stories, which are also my favourites. Whether we like writers or agree with their views, biographies expand our minds.

1) My Interview with Truth: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

A. The book I want to mention in the first place is very close to my heart, and I have read this book many times. The name of the book is ‘My Interview with Truth’ or ‘My Experiment with Truth’ in English. This is the life story of Mahatma Gandhi which he himself wrote initially in Gujarati language. Later it was translated into many languages.

B. It was first published by the Navjeevan Trust from 1925-29. It has details from the childhood of Bapu to the early days of the freedom struggle. I like this book for Bapu’s honest writing, detailing and frankness of questions that arise in self-assessment.

C. No wonder Gandhi admits that a few minutes before his father’s death, he hurriedly stomped on his father’s feet and went to his bedroom when he remembered his wife. There are many such honest confessions in the book. The book helps to understand the story of ‘Monya’ (Gandhiji’s parents called him in childhood) to become ‘Mahatma’.

D. If you want to read some more biographies based on Gandhian thoughts, you can also read ‘A Long Walk to Freedom’ by Nelson Mandela and autobiography of Martin Luther King ‘Jr’.

2) El Diego: Diego Maradona

A. My second choice is ‘El Diego’, the autobiography of the biggest and most controversial football star, Diego Maradona.

B. book in el diego A child from the impoverished township of Buenos Aires in Argentina becomes a football starthe famous ‘Hand of God’ of the 1986 FIFA World Cup, lost in a world of glamor and glamour, and finally coming out positive on a drug test, the whole story is honestly told.

C. This book teaches me how to maintain balance in life.

3) Made in America: Sam Walton

A. My next choice is ‘Made in America’, the autobiography of Sam Walton, the king of American retail. The story of what started as a single dime store and turned it into the world’s largest retailer ‘Wal-Mart’ is an interesting one.

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B. The undisputed retail king of the late twentieth century, Sam’s never lost its mediocrity. In the book, Sam shares his thinking in a candid, honest style.

4) My Inventions: Nikola Tesla

A. Today’s next and final book is based on the life of my favorite scientist, Nikola Tesla. the name of the book is ‘My Inventions,

B. It is written by Nikola Tesla himself and compiled and edited by Ben Johnson. The book details the work of Nikola Tesla. The material is largely drawn from a series of articles that Nikola Tesla wrote for a magazine in 1919, when he was 63 years old.

C. Tesla’s Personal Life is divided into six chapters covering various periods of his life: My Early Life, My First Efforts at Invention, My Later Endeavors, The Discovery of the Rotating Magnetic Field, The Discovery of the Tesla Coil The End Transformer, The Magnifying Transmitter, and The Art of Teleautomatics.

D. The lesson I learn from the life of Nikola Tesla is not to pay attention to what others are doing; Never stop learning and reading; And money is not everything.

Hope the study of the above biography will add value to you.

Today’s career fundament is that you can broaden your horizon by reading biographies and biographies of different people, which helps in being flexible in life.

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