Invest in these stocks on Diwali: Motilal Oswal’s advice on investing in 10 stocks, you can get strong returns

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Despite the fear of recession in the global market, the Indian stock market has not seen much decline. Last Diwali (04 November 2021) Nifty was trading close to 17900. Right now they are slightly below (17500), but the good thing is that buying is being seen at the lower level.

SIP and DII flows have kept the market in check even as foreign investors have pulled out money from the market. In such a situation, brokerage firm Motilal Oswal has advised to invest in 10 great stocks this Diwali. In this, investors can get returns of up to 27%.

Here we are telling you some such things that stock market investors should keep in mind…

keep track of investments
When you invest in a variety of assets, you may not be tracking all investments regularly. In such a situation, it will be difficult to give accurate feedback on changing market trends. So if you are not able to track your investments, take the help of a trusted financial advisor.

Do not sell shares at a loss
Fluctuations are the nature of the stock market. Investors should not panic about the fall in the stock market. Even if you have invested money in the stock market and you have made a loss in it, then you should avoid selling your shares at a loss, as there is a possibility of recovery in the market in the long term. In such a situation, if you hold your shares for a long time, then you will be less likely to lose.

stock basket will be right
The concept of stock basket is going on these days. Under this, you create a basket of shares and invest in all your shares. That is, if you want to invest a total of 25 thousand in these 5 shares, then you can invest 5-5 thousand rupees in all. This reduces the risk.

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