Rain threat on World Cup final: Reserve-day kept…playing time also extended, even if the match does not happen, England-Pakistan will share the trophy

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The final of the T20 World Cup is to be played in Melbourne between Pakistan and England on Sunday, 13 November, but the threat of rain is looming on this match. According to the Australian Weather Forecast Department, there is a 100% chance of rain in Melbourne on Sunday and 95% on Reserve Day Monday. Wind speed can also exceed 35 kilometers per hour.

In such a situation, the ICC has issued new playing conditions on Saturday. He has reduced the additional playing time of reserve-day from 2 to 4 hours.

However, if the rain forecast proved to be correct on both the days, the final was called off. So England-Pakistan will have to share the trophy. In other words, Pakistan and England will be declared joint winners.

Pakistan team is doing indoor practice in Melbourne, you can see their photos below…

cause of rain ‘La Nina’
The reason for more rain in T20 World Cup is ‘La Nina’. The Bureau of Meteorology has described ‘La Nina’ as the reason for the excessive rain in Australia during this period. Due to this, there is a possibility of above average rainfall here this year.

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The Meteorological Department believes that this is happening due to the decrease in the temperature on the sea surface around the equatorial region in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. This year the effect of the change in the weather cycle has started showing here.

What if the final doesn’t happen on Sunday?
For each match in the group stage, both the teams were scheduled to play at least 5-5 overs. In the knockout stage, both the teams had to play at least 10-10 overs. Keep in mind that these conditions were for raining conditions. Many matches in this T20 World Cup were affected due to rain.

so what will happen now

  • The first attempt would be that instead of 20-20 overs on Sunday i.e. on the day of the final, only 10-10 overs, but the match should be completed.
  • If the match starts on Sunday but is not completed, the next day (Monday Reserve Day) will start from where the game had stopped the day before. And simply understand, after the toss, the match will be considered ‘LIVE’. That means a toss is a must.
  • One condition is that if the match on Sunday is not started even after the reduction of overs, then the next day (Reserve Day Monday) will be the full match. There is also a condition in this that on the original match day i.e. Sunday, if circumstances arise for the completion of the match, then 30 minutes extra can be given.
  • If the match starts on time on reserve day and stops in between then 2 hours extra can be given.
  • If in any case the match is not completed then the trophy will be shared between the two teams. This is what happened to India and Sri Lanka in the 2002-2003 Champions Trophy. In the 2019 ODI World Cup, the semi-final of India and New Zealand was played on Day 2.

Rain shadowed this world cup
3 matches of the Super 12 stage of this World Cup were canceled due to rain in Melbourne. These were- New Zealand Vs Afghanistan, Afghanistan Vs Ireland and Australia Vs England. England and Ireland’s match was also affected by rain, but here Ireland won due to Duckworth-Lewis.

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