Smartphones keep us sick: Suicidal tendencies are increasing due to their use, it is also a major reason for depression-worry

4 days ago

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Author: Angela Haupt

We did not even know when the smartphone became a habit out of necessity. Wherever we are, whether alone or in a crowd, we are surrounded by smartphones. They are making us sick. Mentally as well as physically. Excessive use of smartphone is making us tired. Causing depression and anxiety. Things have become so bad that companies have opened up to keep us away from our own smartphones. Devices are being made that help us keep away from phones.

Mobile bags are quite popular in America

One such company is Yonder. It manufactures such mobile bags, in which the mobile can be kept and locked for a certain time. It is being used for any conference or concert, school-college, meeting or to pass time with family and friends. For people doing creative work, such as writers, musicians, teachers, etc., it is more important to stay away from mobile. They are using it too.

This bag is becoming very popular in America. The company’s founder, Graham Dugony, says its users initially found it difficult to disconnect from the network. But then after getting free from mobile, it was more fun to watch any music festival, movies. Places where no one is using a mobile connect people. People told that by staying away from the mobile for a while, they felt refreshed.

Yonder Company manufactures such a mobile bag, in which the mobile can be kept and locked for a certain time.

Yonder Company manufactures such a mobile bag, in which the mobile can be kept and locked for a certain time.

The enemy of smartphone focus and sleep

Actually, the opening of companies like Yonder itself shows that we have come under the grip of mobile addiction. Professor Adam Alter of the NYU Stern School says – Our smartphone does not allow us to concentrate anywhere. Makes us dangerously careless while walking or driving on the roads.

Jay Olson of McGill University says – Smartphones are the biggest enemy of concentration. This along with insomnia makes us less social. This increases obesity in children and adolescents because they eat without appetite. New studies have shown that excessive use of mobiles is increasing the tendency of suicide.

Small changes that can save you from smartphone addiction

  • First of all turn off all the notifications of your mobile.
  • Keep mobile away whenever possible while sleeping or working.
  • Use social media apps on laptop instead of mobile.
  • Enter a longer password instead of Face Unlock or Finger Lock.
  • Make a list of the tasks to be done on the smartphone, put the phone away after finishing the work.
  • If we set the screen of the phone to gray scale, then we will not be able to attract too much about the information.
  • Do not get into the race to buy the smartphone as soon as it is launched. Older phones do not have many apps, which also reduces interest.

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