7 Tips for Effective Animated Video Storytelling

Businesses nowadays use creative storytelling techniques to enhance their marketing strategy. Marketers must incorporate an engaging message highlighting their products’ or services’ advantages and features.

You can create an exciting story by nurturing your thoughts that reflect corporate values, brand culture, and your unique selling proposition with an impactful marketing message. It will enhance your marketing strategy to the next level.

According to Jimmy Neil Smith, “We are all storytellers. We all live in a network of stories. There isn’t a stronger connection between people than storytelling.”

An animated explainer video is an ideal tool for businesses used for storytelling. Here in this blog, we will discuss the best tips to create a top-notch storytelling video.

Don’t rely too much on Sound

As we all have watched Charlie Chaplin’s movies, we can learn from him that we can create an engaging video even without sound. Viewers love the visuals in the content, first of all. If your visuals are attractive, voice-over and music become secondary.

Use creative illustration and animation in your videos to enhance your storytelling. Don’t make your primary character emphasize too much about the promotional message—however, the main character focus on explaining how your product works or how customers can use it.

Use visuals in the best possible way to narrate your story effectively. Don’t overload the audience with salesy messages.

Focus on the Main Character

Generally, the story revolves around the main character. For marketers, it is easy to attract the audience’s attention and focus by incorporating the central character. However, you need to ensure that the main character is not fade among other visuals in the video.

You can emphasize key characters by incorporating numerous visual effects, making it unique from other videos.

Focusing on the main character is essential because it represents a brand face and delivers the organization’s values, humor, attributes and style. Use these key components with creative visuals that make them attractive and recognizable by the audience.

The Illustration should be Designed According to the Mood

If you want to portray a scary story, you need to incorporate illustrations with a specific theme and motion design. The finest script sometimes fails to grab the audience’s attention if it doesn’t portray the right mood.

Incorporate unique, creative, appealing illustrations, sound effects, appropriate background, and character design that portrays the same message and mood. It creates viewers’ interest in each scene and helps in understand the message more effectively.

You can convey your main message more effectively if you set the correct visual atmosphere.

Incorporate Cartoon Effects to Increase Audience Interest in your Story

You may have creatively designed animation, illustrations, and an engaging script; however, one essential element can make your video successful. If you want to enhance your storytelling, use cartoons and fun and creative visual effects in animation.

Animation is a significant part as it can make your video success. The beauty of animated video is that you can use slight additional body movements of the character to make the story more appealing to viewers.

Pay attention to every detail to create a highly engaging video. Twisting, spinning, highlighting, jumping, and other exciting and entertaining visual effects can grab the audience’s attention.

Create a Video with Smooth Transitions

Transition means the time when one scene of the video completes and the video changes into another scene. Transitions are essential at the exit and entry of a scene. However, some people wrongly perceive it as an unnoticeable detail, but these details matter, especially in explainer video production.

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You can make your animated video more engaging by making the transitions in the video smooth with special effects.

For instance, people incorporate a fade effect and blur the image when the next scene starts.

Anthropomorphism has become a Hot Trend in Video Storytelling

Anthropomorphism is attributing emotions, human traits, intentions or emotions to non-human creatures such as objects or animals. Animalistic anthropomorphism is the widely used motion design practice by marketers.

In this approach, animated animals perform actions like humans; they jump, walk, cry, talk and express emotions etc.

Nowadays, we can see Animalistic anthropomorphism in different videos easily. If you use it rightly, it can turn your animation into an exciting story with creative visuals that will give your brand a competitive edge.

Customize your Video for your Target Audience

If you want your potential customers to engage with your animated video, engage them with creative storytelling to build their interest. You need to research your audience and use the relevant information to create video content.

The beauty of animation is that it allows you to use visuals with an engaging story. Marketers use it to shape the characters according to their audience and settings objects according to their lifestyle.

Viewers associate with a brand easily when they watch animated videos, which will help you achieve your business objectives.

Another benefit of video animation is that audience can easily relate to the video’s script. So, highlight the pain points of the audience and use their language.

Closing Remarks

We all know that viewers perceive a significant chunk of nearly 80% of the message visually. Marketers must focus on the visual presentation of a product, service and brand values. The best way to highlight your product or service features is to explain them with an engaging story.

The animated explainer video has become one of the most effective mediums marketers use for creative storytelling. It is human psychology that we love to listen to stories. People love to watch the videos again and again because of the story.

It is essential to keep innovating with different marketing strategies in this digital era. Businesses and marketers use video animation to enhance their marketing strategies. Organizations use video animation for advertising their products or services with a creative and engaging story.

We have discussed the best ways to incorporate an animated video for storytelling that gives your brand a new face.

Even a 30-second commercial video is ideal for some cases. You might be wondering about a 30-second commercial video cost; the cost of a 30-second commercial video ranges from $1,500 to $2,500.

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