Told the truth about his role in Thor: Love and Thunder

Digital Desk, Los Angeles. Batman star Christian Bale, who played the villainous Gor the God Butcher in the recently released Hollywood film Thor: Love and Thunder, was initially reluctant to accept the role, as he liked the actor’s character demands. was not. This information has been revealed in the report of Entertainment Weekly.

As Bell told The Wrap magazine, as quoted by Entertainment Weekly, I briefly looked up and said, he has a G-string. No one wants to look at me like that, that was also crazy muscle tied up in the comics and I was in the middle of making another movie where I was actually quite skinny. I said, man, nobody wants to see me in the G-string.

Bell, who is known for his radical transformation, feels he is no match for Chris Hemsworth when it comes to muscularity.

When it comes to being muscular, you really can’t compete with Chris (Hemsworth), Bell told Entertainment Weekly.

His hesitation led him to consider a new concept for the character with director Taika Waititi, a look that was less physically intimidating and more magically dangerous. Bale wanted Gore to look like Nosferatu, or the terrifying monster in Apex Twin’s Come To Daddy video.


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