Top employee fired within 10 minutes for ethical violation: Wipro Boss

Rishad Premji has said that he fired his top employee within 10 minutes for committing moral violations.

A month after Wipro chairman Rishad Premji was fired for moonlighting 300 employees of his company (side jobs, especially in rival companies), Wipro revealed at an event that even senior employees are not exempted from ethical violations.

A report by Moneycontrol According to, the tech giant said that in just ten minutes, I fired a very important employee who came in the top 20 working in my company. He was important to the company, but committed a serious breach of ethics. We decided that when tough times come, we should face them, not run away from them.

On October 19, Premji was speaking at the NASSCOM Product Conclave in Bangalore. Premji did not elaborate on whether this top employee’s violation was related to Moonlighting. However, he did say that the decision to fire 300 employees was related to a serious breach of ethics.

Premji said that moonlighting falls deep into the gravest violation of morality. Wipro CEO Thierry Delaporte on Wednesday said side jobs can be tolerated to some extent but working in rival companies will not be tolerated at all. It is a question of morality.

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