Uproar over surgery of 4-month-old baby in New Zealand: Parents asking for unvaccinated blood, doctors refused; case reached court

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The public prosecutor told that the health of the child is deteriorating with every heartbeat.

New Zealand’s Health Agency has filed an appeal to the court for custody of a child. Actually, the child needs surgery as soon as possible due to heart related problems. In this he will have to offer blood, but the child’s parents are refusing to take blood. The reason for this is that blood donors are vaccinated against corona.

Heart valve disorder in the child
The child is only 4 months old. He has pulmonary valve stenosis. It is a valvular disorder of the heart in which the pulmonary valve that controls the flow of blood narrows. Also the vanes inside the valve thicken or join together. In this situation the patient needs an operation. Failure to do so may result in his death.

Doctors refuse to demand of parents
According to a New York Times report, the child’s mother insisted that “safe blood” be used for the operation. Father said that this is his last decision. His lawyer told that the parents have demanded such a blood donor from the health authorities, who has not got the corona vaccine.

However, New Zealand Health Service officials have rejected the parents’ demand. He says that vaccinated blood is also completely safe. There is no danger to the child from this. The agency does not discriminate between vaccinated and unvaccinated blood donors.

The matter reached the court, the condition of the child is deteriorating.
On Tuesday, the High Court of Auckland heard the matter and reserved the verdict. The next hearing will be on Wednesday. It will decide whether the child should be handed over to the health agency for surgery or not. On behalf of the government, lawyer Paul White said that with every heartbeat, the child’s health is deteriorating. This matter has become so big that now the eyes of the whole country are on it.

Experts said – parents victims of wrong information
Health experts say that the child’s parents do not have the right information related to the vaccine. They are giving wrong scientific logic in their argument. This clearly highlights the misinformation and anti-vaccine agenda on the internet.

At present, many people who have not taken the corona vaccine for the child on the Internet are ready to donate blood. Parents have also traced 30 such donors. However, now blood donation and operation can be done only after the decision of the court.

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