VIDEO: Man accused of raping a 5-year-old girl in Bihar’s village gets only five sit-ups

A surprising incident has come to light in Nawada, Bihar. The accused, who had raped a 5-year-old girl, was made to do a few sit-ups and the matter was cleared. That is, the punishment for a heinous crime like cruelty to a child was completed in a few meetings. Action has been taken on this incident after the video of this case went viral.

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The incident pertains to Kanauj village of Akbarpur block of Nawada district, where the miscreants, who indulged in brutality with a 5-year-old innocent, were given a certificate of innocence by the alleged panchs by merely doing a few sit-ups. The name of the accused is being told as Arun Pandit, who runs a chicken farm in the village itself. It is being told that the accused did cruelty to the girl child in the hen form itself. But the manner in which the matter was handled is being strongly condemned.

In this viral video of the panchayat, it is seen that a large number of people are sitting and a man wearing a shawl is doing sit-ups. After five sit-ups, his sentence was completed and he was released.

There is widespread condemnation of this incident. It is being said that there is a POCSO law for those who do dirty work with a 5-year-old innocent. There is a provision of punishment up to life imprisonment, but the case was shelved by holding sit-ups only five times.

Significantly, on November 21, in Kannauj village of Akbarpur block area, the accused lured a five-year-old girl and took her to his chicken farm where he did this heinous act. Later, the family members of the girl reached home and informed the family members about the matter. When the relatives talked about registering a case with the police, an attempt was made to hush up the matter in the village itself.

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A former chief is being told responsible for suppressing such a big incident. It is said that as soon as the case against the accused came to light, the accused went to the former chief to seek help. The former headman set up a panchayat and whatever happened in the panchayat was shameful. By standing up and sitting, the accused was acquitted and the victim’s family was pacified by showing fear of local law.

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