You can also be cheated in the name of ‘Diwali Gift’, don’t forget to click this link

New Delhi:

These days the cases of online fraud have increased a lot, but today we are going to tell you about a different type of fraud. These frauds are more during the time of Diwali, because people buy a lot of goods at this time. They get offers from many places. During this, they also become victims of fraud offers. Fraudsters nowadays send links through the app. When you click on that link, the first one is from Tanishq and you think that maybe this is the original page, but it is not the original page, but by taking a screenshot of Tanishq’s page, they do fraud, because you can use any of its options. If you click on it, it will not click.

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Then when you go to the link, four questions are asked. After answering it, they keep many boxes in front of you, in which after clicking one or two, it is said to win your prize in the third or fourth and then many things are made to you in the name of term and condition. It is said that if you want to take prize money, send the link to five groups or twenty people.

Considering only promotion on WhatsApp, you send it further to the people. Then your registration is completed. After that they say that our company wants to give you a gift for promotion and you are eligible for that, you have won free iPhone. Then they ask for your phone number and email. After giving the details, they ask for money in the name of custom duty. There is also a call from the customs officer from their side who says that your phone has arrived at the airport from US. By paying 20, 30 or 40 thousand rupees, you can get a phone of 1.5 lakh and you give money. While there is no such phone.

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Many people do the work of such fraud together. Everyone is sitting in one place and traps you under planning. That is why if you also have such a link, then do not open it even by forgetting it. Do not forward it to your friends or even in any group. At the time of Diwali, such frauds happen in the name of Tanishq or any big company. That’s why you yourself be careful.

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